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Natasha Panetta

Founder & mumpreneur

My process is hands-on. Integrity is everything.

I do not want any client investing in, placing their hopes, dreams & efforts into or believing in a strategy or campaign that I would not invest in myself.


Over 20 years across marketing and media, a variety of industries and sectors - amassing multi-layered and diverse knowledge and expertise.


I have a passion for working with and helping to support women who want to make a difference, drive change and build their own lives, and the lives of their families for the better.

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Where it all began

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Not so long ago...

I started a career in media in 2007. Working through the ranks, driving campaigns through traditional media into new age digital and through to major website development and across to digital advertising via Google, Meta, Spotify and more.

I’ve worked with, and been part of marketing teams that deliver top traditional campaigns, use advertising for major launches, Google ads through to sponsored content to drive engagement, and even link-building campaigns for SEO. 

Across the last 20 years, I have soaked up everything like a sponge, adapting, shifting, altering and crafting campaigns, and campaign strategies that deliver results.

Then I evolved...

After 20 years of building up my expertise and profile, I stopped working within major corporate roles & I finally took the plunge to take my side gig and maternity leave gap filler gig and turn it into my full-time dream.

One year later, I can attest that this was the absolute best decision of my career and life. 

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Oh so lovely

My bespoke services are needed

Understanding that a personal touch and a one-on-one commitment to your business and marketing efforts do indeed elevate outcomes, communication and overall happiness!

My Vision

My vision is to create an environment that fosters connection, prosperity, and meaning for all, via collaboration & honesty.

My full-service but small in-house marketing team has the experience & expertise to help you grow. I will work with you to create & implement marketing strategies that will grow with your business, today and into tomorrow.

My Mission

My mission every day is to provide a marketing environment that is different to anything else.

I believe in providing carefully curated, customised solutions designed around goals, and with outcomes and deliverable timeframes always top of mind.



it's the only way

Don’t fall for this rinse & repeat and AI strategies that don’t account for human interaction, emotion and the constant changes in behaviours and patterns – especially when you look at the varied needs of and the different demographics from metro to regional areas.
You need a partner who understands the importance of you as part of your brand.

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