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In an industry that is constantly changing and evolving I strive to be part of a solution, that can assist and help small to medium businesses to get their heads around things – and make the most of what they can – if their budget simply will not allow expert oversight.

Small Biz Checklist

Small Biz Checklist

Canva Guide

Canva Guide



Social Media

Social Media

free marketing resources

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I have compliled a range of free downloladable resources, that I hope will assist you in your business. 

canva crash

course for beginners

I understand that not every business has the budget or the means to engage with a marketing expert. These days everyone thinks they are a graphic designer with access to Canva. My guidance is, that this can be an amazing tool for digital items such as social media – however for printing, signage, and logo design (please please please don’t do this) the quality isn’t high enough, and the available formats to export in are not quite “designer level”.

Canva Crash Course - Download

small biz


I always advise and the first thing I do when I engage with a new client is to go back to those basics, and perform a small business checklist, to make sure those foundation steps are in place. I cannot tell you how many times I have reviewed and worked with a client who did not have a Google business page set up, did not have socials set up correctly or did not have basics in place. Sometimes less is more.

Small Business Checklist

30 day marketing

Strategy for selling digital products online

Are you an online business or store and want to get a strategy to help you launch, cement or drive your business? My 30-day marketing strategy may be a good start for you.


the ultimate

Series by Busy Goddess

My ultimate series came about when I wanted to give people who like planners or trackers something tangible they could use – this allows someone who may not be as technically savvy or comfortable to have a little bit of the old mixed with the new.

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